Fields of law

Dr. jur. Hofmann calls himself a legal family doctor. He is active in all areas of law in addition to the above-mentioned specialisations, and consults experts for special matters.

Abogada Pérez, LL.M is a Peruvian lawyer and psychologist who works in both professions in Germany. She is very good at dealing with different legal systems.

  • Family and Inheritance law
  • Labour Law
  • Tort law
  • International law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Sales Law
  • Traffic and Travel Law
  • Criminal Law

In detail:

  • Family and Inheritance law

The international law firm provides you with legal advice and extrajudicial and judicial representation in all courts in Germany in the field of German family law and its implications in Spanish-speaking countries. We provide advice on prenuptial agreements and separation and divorce proceedings, post-marital alimony, child support, parental rights, custody, visiting rights (in its various forms), liquidation of community property and other legal constellations that may arise as a result of separation or divorce. Recognition of foreign divorce sentences, international sentences and Exequatur in Germany and Peru.



We are specialized in the regulation of inheritance (testate and intestate) and in the relationship of testators, second wife - children of the first marriage and we guarantee that your last will and testament will not have to be determined by judges.

  • Labour Law

Labour law is a law of experience and requires detailed discussions.


In recent years, the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the global economy and employment has generated changes that affect labour relations and may cause problems. The firm is at your disposal to advise you and face any problem at that level. 


  • Tort Law

Claims for damages require a special effort. We know the reluctance of insurance companies and courts and will fight for you. The amount of compensation for pain and suffering should not remind you of your pain, but should make you forget it.


  • In International Private Law

In the present 21st century, the current circumstances allow the constant migratory flow between the States of the European Union and the world in general, resulting in the emergence of couples of different nationalities or "binational couples" and thus highlighting the multicultural nuances that are generated by their very nature of complex matrimonial legal constellations and therefore complicated international divorces within the scenario of international law.



The firm intervenes in the area of international family law to determine the international jurisdiction and the applicable law in litigation, especially in international divorce or related matters, in order to ensure that the interests of our clients prevail. The task of international family law is to harmonize the different regulations of the different states.

  • Real Estate and Corporate Law

We offer legal advice on the purchase of real estate. Furthermore, we offer legal advice regarding the establishment, adaptation, modification or opening of branches, subsidiaries or offices in Peru, liquidation and cancellation of existing companies, representation at national and regional level.


  • Sales Law

It is better to approach us too early than too late with your questions. Better a timely consultation than a time-consuming litigation for you!


  • Traffic and Travel law

Here, work is often done too superficially. Even the smallest infringement can at some point become an obstacle. This is where the right tactics are particularly important. Speciality: Offences in other European countries.

The promising justification of a claim for damages in travel law requires detailed preparation!


  • Criminal Law

Experience is particularly important in this field. However, it is also a matter of coordination with the prosecutors, judges and other parties in the proceedings as far and as soon as possible in order to optimize a good result in your favour. All procedures should be discussed and agreed in detail with the client and it is recommended to contact the firm immediately regardless of your nationality and the country where you are located, whether in Europe or Latin America. 



The international law firm, given the experience and background of lawyer Dr. Hofmann, includes the representation and criminal defence especially in cases of crimes against assets, capital crimes (against life and health), personal injury, traffic criminal law, crimes against property, and others related to criminal law.