Our Law Firm Philosophy

Hiring a lawyer is a matter of trust.


By choosing your legal representative your matter will get a face and voice.


With us, you will find your personal contact person.


Every appointment is too important for us to entrust it to a colleague or a trainee.


The personality of a lawyer is often decisive for the outcome of a case. Litigation tactics are not taught at universities, but are the result of experience. The application of the law is not an arithmetical task, but always a question of interpretation and thus dependent on sympathy and antipathy. Why else would even the highest court decisions be difficult to predict?


Your matter is our highest priority and we are completely on your side. In order to be able to represent your interests independently, we neither have insurance companies as clients nor do we let them recommend us.


If you have a legal costs insurance, this makes some decisions easier. We are pleased to take over the correspondence with the insurance company. Here too, nuances are often important.